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Richard BROWN I of Newbury
Edith __?__
Husband:  Richard BROWN I
Birth:  ca. 1600s, presumably in England
Resided:  bef. 1638, Ipswich, Essex Co., MA
Resided:  in and aft. 1638, Newbury, Essex Co., MA
Death:  26 Apr 1661, Newbury, Essex Co., MA
Father:  Mr. BROWN
Marriage-1:  bef. 1642
Wife-1:  Edith __?__
Birth:  ca. 1600s
Death:  2 Apr 1647, Newbury, Essex Co., MA
Marriage-2:  10?/16? Feb 1647/8
Wife-2:  Elizabeth GREENLEAF
Birth:  1622
Death:  in or aft. 1678
Other Spouse:  m1. Gyles / Giles BADGER of Newbury, Essex Co., MA
Children with Edith — born in Newbury, Essex Co., MA:
1.  Joseph BROWN, b. 1624-42, prob. 1630s (under æ 18 in 1642); d. 1661
2.  Margary BROWN, b. ca. 1630s; d. 26 Mar 1651
3.  Joshua BROWN, b. 10 Apr 1642
4.  Caleb BROWN, b. 7 May 1645
Children with Elizabeth GREENLEAF — born in Newbury, Essex Co., MA
5.  Elizabeth BROWN, b. 29 May 1647; probably m. 3 Jan 1665/6, Israel WEBSTER
6.  Richard BROWN II, b. 18 Feb 1650
7.  Edmund BROWN, b. 17 Jul 1654; d. 1677/8
8.  Sarah BROWN, b. 7 Sep 1657; probably m. 24 Dec 1678, Benaiah TITCOMB
9.  Mary BROWN, b. 10 Apr 1660; probably m. 15 Dec 1675, Nathan PARKER
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1.  Clarence Almon Torry.  1985.  New England Marriages Prior to 1700.  New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, MA (reprinted 1997, Genealogical Publ. Co., Baltimore, MD):
The "b" indicates the birth date of a child as an indication that the marriage took place before this time.  The locations are known residences of the husband, ending with the husband's place of death.  An entry in Torrey does not imply a marriage in New England; it only demonstrates the presence of a married couple there before 1700.  Torrey is a compilation of published sources, not primary records, so he should be considered a secondary source.
p. 108 BROWN, Richard & 1/wf Edith __?__ (-1647); b 1642; Newbury
BROWN, Richard (-1661) & 2/wf Elizabeth (GREENLEAF) [BADGER] (1622-), w Giles; ?16 Feb 1647/8, aft 10 Jul 1647; Newbury/Salisbury.

2.  Anon.  1909.  "Descendants of Richard Brown of Newbury." The Essex Antiquarian XIII(1):168-172 (online at www.americanancestors.com and books.google.com):
p. 168
     RICHARD BROWN,2 lived first in Ipswich, and settled in Newbury in 1638.  He married, first, Edith ----- before 1642; and she died April 2, 1647, in Newbury.  He married, second, Elizabeth (Greenleaf), widow of Gyles Badger of Newbury, Feb. 10, 1647-8; and died in Newbury April 26, 1661.  His estate was valued at £634, 3s.  His wife Elizabeth survived him, and was his widow in 1678.
     Children, born in Newbury:—
    7—I.   JOSEPH, 3 was living in 1642, when he was under eighteen years of age; and d. in 1661.
    8—II.   MARGARY,3 d. March 26, 1651.
    9—III.   JOSHUA,3 b. April 10, 1642.  See below (9).
  10—IV.   CALEB,3 b. May 7, 1645.
  11—V.   ELIZABETH,3 b. May 29, 1647; probably m. Israel Webster Jan. 3, 1665-6.
  12—VI.   RICHARD,3 b. Feb 18, 1650.  See below (12).
  13—VII.   EDMUND,3 b. July 17, 1654; d. in winter of 1677-8; lived in Newbury; his estate was appraised at £116, 15s.
  14—VIII.   SARAH,3 b. Sept. 7, 1657; probably m. Benaiah Titcomb Dec. 24, 1678.
  15—IX.   MARY,3 b. April 10, 1660; probably m. Nathan Parker Dec. 15, 1675.

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