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Rebecca KELLY
Husband:  James BROWNE / BROWN III
Birth:  ca. 1671
Death:  17 May 1745, Newbury, Essex Co., MA
Father:  James BROWN II
Mother:  Hannah HOWES
Marriage-1:  28 Apr 1694, Newbury, Essex Co., MA
Wife-1:  Mary EDWARDS
Birth:  ca. 1675
Death:  5 May 1700, Newbury, Essex Co., MA
Marriage:  2 Jan 1701, Newbury, Essex Co., MA
Wife:  Rebecca / Rebeckah KELLEY / KELLY
Children with Mary EDWARDS — born in Newbury, Essex Co., MA:
  1.  Elisabeth BROWNE, b. 15 Oct 1696; d. by 1698
  2.  Elizabeth BROWNE, b. __ Oct 1698; d. 5 May 1700
  3.  Hannah BROWN, b. __ Aug 1699; m. 1 Aug 1722, George SINCLEAR / SINCLAIR
Children with Rebecca KELLY — born in Newbury, Essex Co., MA:
  4.  Sarah BROWN, b. 8 Nov 1701; prob. m. 2 Dec 1717, John WEED, Jr.
  5.  John BROWN, b. 30 Oct 1703
  6.  Mary BROWN, b. 14 Feb 1705
  7.  James BROWN IV, b. 25 May 1708
  8.  Rebecca BROWN, b. 17 Feb 1710; prob. d. 3 Apr 1756
  9.  Samuel BROWN, b. 7 Jul 1712; d. 16 Feb 1787 — lived in Haverhill, NH
10.  Abigail BROWN, b. 7 May 1715
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1.  Marriage Index:  Massachusetts, 1633-1850 (Broderbund CD-231):
Browne, James, Jr. Edwards, Mary Apr 28, 1694 Newbury Essex Co.
Browne, James, Jr. Kelly, Rebecca Jan 2, 1701  Newbury Essex Co.

2.  Anon.  1909.  "Descendants of James Brown of Newbury." The Essex Antiquarian XIII(1): 164-166 (online at www.americanancestors.org and books.google.com):
p. 165
     JAMES BROWN,3 glazier; lived in Newbury.  He married, first, Mary Edwards April 8 (28?), 1695(4?); and she died in Newbury May 5, 1700.  He married, second, Rebecca Kelly Jan. 1, 1701; and she was his wife in 1742.  He died in Newbury May 17, 1745.
     Children, born in Newbury:—
  17—I.   ELIZABETH,4 b. Oct. 15, 1696; d. young.
  18—II.   ELIZABETH,4 b. Oct. __, 1698; d. May 5, 1700.
  19—III.   HANNAH,4 b. Aug. __, 1699; m. George Sinclear of Newbury Aug. 1, 1722; and was his wife in 1741.
  20—IV.   SARAH,4 b. Nov. 8, 1701; probably m. John Weed, jr., of Newbury Dec. 2, 1717.
  21—V.   JOHN,4 b. Oct. 30, 1703.  See below (21).
  22—VI.   MARY,4 b. Feb. 14, 1705.
  23—VII.   JAMES,4, b. May 25, 1708.  See below (23).
  24—VIII.   REBECCA,4 b. Feb. __, 1710; living in 1741; probably d. April 3, 1756.
  25—IX.   SAMUEL,4 b .July 7 1712; glazier; lived in Haverhill, N.H.; d. Feb. 16, 1787, aged sixty four.
  26—X.   ABIGAIL,4 b. May 7, 1715; unmarried in 1741.

.  Anon.  1911.  Vital Records of Newbury, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849. Volume I.—Births.  Essex Institute, Salem, MA (online at AmericanAncestors.org):
p. 65 BROWN...
Abigail, d. James and Rebecca, May 7, 1715...
p. 68 BROWN...
Hannah, d. James jr. and Mary, Aug. __, 1699...
James, s. James and Rebecca, May 25, 1708...
John, s. James, jr. and Rebecca, Oct. 30, 1703.
John, s. James and Rebeckah, May 25, 1708, P.R. 20...
p. 70 BROWN...
Mary, d. James, jr. and Rebecca, Feb. 14, 1705...
p. 71 BROWN...
Rebecca, d. James and Rebecca, Feb. [17. c.c.], 1710...
Samuel, s. James and Rebeckah, July 7, 1712...
p. 73 BROWNE...
Elisabeth, d. James, jr. and Mary, Oct. 15, 1696...
Elizabeth, d. James, jr. and Mary, Oct. __, 1698...
p. 74 BROWNE...
Sarah, d. James, jr. and Rebekah, Nov. 8, 1701...
"P.R." = Private Record (e.g., family bible)

.  Sidney Perley.  1924-28.  The History of Salem, Massachusetts.  3 vols.  Self-published, Salem, MA (Broderbund CD-117):
Vol. II (1638-1670)
p. 420 ...1. James,3 glazier, lived in Newbury, married, first, Mary Edwards April 28, 1695; she died in Newbury May 5, 1700; married, secondly Rebecca Kelly Jan. 1, 1701-2; he died in Newbury May 17, 1745...

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