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Boaz BROWN, Sr.
Mary (__?__) RICHARDS
Husband-2:  Boaz BROWN, Sr.
Birth:  14 Feb 1641/2, Concord, Middlesex Co., MA
Death:  7 Apr 1724, Concord, Middlesex Co., MA
Father:  Thomas BROWN
Mother:  Bridget __?__ 
Marriage-1:  8 Nov 1664, Concord, Middlesex Co., MA
Wife-1:  Mary WINSHIP
Birth:  2 Jul 1641
Death:  bef. 1695
Father:  Lt. Edward WINSHIP of Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA
Mother:  Jane WILKINSON
Marriage-2:  1695 or 7 Jul 1696, Dedham, Norfolk Co., MA
Wife-2:  Mary __?__
Death:  1715, Dedham, Norfolk Co., MA
Other Spouse:  m1. John RICHARDS (d. 21 Dec 1688)
Marriage-3:  10 Sep 1716, Concord, Middlesex Co., MA
Wife-3:  Abigail BALLARD
Birth:  ca. 1650s?, of Andover, Essex Co., MA
Death:  20 Jul 1726, Concord, Middlesex Co., MA 
Other Spouse:  m1. Samuel WHEAT
Father:  William BALLARD
Mother:  Grace __?__
Children with Mary WINSHIP:
born in Concord, Middlesex Co., MA:
1.  Boaz BROWN, Jr., b. 1665
2.  Thomas BROWN, b. 1667
3.  Mary BROWN, b. 1670; died young
4.  Edward BROWN, b. 1672/3
5.  Mary BROWN, b. 1678
6.  Mercy BROWN

born in Stow, Middlesex Co., MA:
7.  Jane BROWN, b. 1684

Children with Mary (__?__) RICHARDS:
Children with Abigail BALLARD:
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1.  Marriage Record:

2.  Keith F. Brown.  1986.  "The Wives of Boaz Brown, Sr., of Concord, Stow, and Dedham, Massachusetts."  New England Historical and Genealogical Register 140(Oct): 317-320.
p. 317 ...Boaz Brown, eldest son of Thomas and Bridget Browne, was born at Concord, Mass., 14 Feb. 1641/1, and died there, 7 April 1724...

Boaz married at Concord, 8 Nov. 1664, Mary Winship, who was born 2 July 1641 and presumably died before the second marriae of Boaz in 1695, the daughter of Lt. Edward and Jane (Wilkinson) Winship of Cambridge...  Mary Winship was the mother of all his children.  Six were born at Concord:  Boaz, Jr., 1665; Thomas, 1667; Mary, 1670 (d. young); Edward, 1672/3; Mary, 1678, and Mercy, no record... His daughter Jane was born at Stow, Mass., in 1684...

p. 317 ...Boaz Browne of Stow & Mary Richards of Dedham was married September 30th 1695...
p. 319 ...John Richards died 21 Dec 1688... Dedham records of 7 July 1696 reveal that his widow married a man named Browne.  It appears reasonably certain that Boaz Brown, Sr., married the widow and not the daughter of John Richards...

The record of Mary Brown's death at Dedham in 1715 states that she was the wife of Boaz Brown...

Not long after the death of this second wife, Boaz, Sr., removed to Concord where he married 10 Sept. 1716 Abigail (Ballard) Wheat, the daughter of William Ballard of Andover, Mass., and the widow of Samuel Wheat of Concord (Concord VRs, 89).  Silas Carmi Wheat and Helen Love Scranton maintain that the widow of Samuel Wheat who married Boaz Brown was Abigail (Waite) Baker, not Abigail Ballard, perhaps because the Concord records show only one marriage for Samuel Wheat--to Abigail Baker 7 April 1703 (Wheat Genealogy: Descendants of Moses Wheat of Concord, Massachusetts, and of Francis Wheat of Maryland [Madison, Conn., 1960], 1; Concord VRs, 60).  Probate records, however, clearly show that Abigail Ballard, not Baker, was married to both Samuel Wheat and Boaz Brown.

Abigail outlived Boaz by a little over two years.  Her death was recorded as follows:  "Abigail Brown the Relict widow of Mr. Boaz Brown Died July 20, 1726" (Concord VRs, 110).  In her will, dated 12 Jan. 1724/5 and probated 5 Sept. 1726, she states that "I Abigail Brown of the Town

p. 320 of Concord ... formerly wife to Samuel Wheat late of Concord Deceased and now Relict widow to Boaz Brown of Concord Deceased ..." (Middlesex Probate file 2931).

Abigail's will mentions, among others, her sisters Sarah Holt, Lydia Butterfield, Mary Butterfield, Hannah Spaulding, Elizabeth Blunt, and brother John Ballard...

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