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Mahala BOWEN
Please Note:  our subject is being confused with Capt. Allen BROWN (-1778), who m1. Rebecca (-1775) and m2. 1777, Mercy (1730/1-1807), widow of Joseph SHELDON.  These are two different men.
Husband:  Allen BROWN not to be confused with the 
Birth:  ca. 1769
Father said to be:  Nathan BROWN
Mother said to be:  Rhoda __?__
Marriage:  19 May 1796, Coventry, Kent Co., RI
Wife:  Mahala BOWEN
Birth:  16 Feb 1773, Coventry, Kent Co., RI
Death:  by 14 Feb 1851, New York City, New York Co., NY
Burial:  buried 14 Feb 1851, Vault #8, New York Marble Cemetery, New York City, New York Co., NY
Father:  Aaron BOWEN, Jr.
Mother:  Elthanan GORTON
Children born in Foster, Providence Co., RI:
Richard Bowen BROWN, b. 13 Apr 1797
.  Oliver Hall BROWN, b. 4 Mar 1804; d. 11 Apr 1826, Foster, Providence Co., RI
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1.  Marriage Record:

.  James Newell Arnold.  1891-1912.  Rhode Island Vital Extracts, 1636-1850.  21 vols.  Narragansett Historical Publ. Co., Providence, RI (online at Ancestry.com via NEHGS; color added):
Providence County
V. 3, 
p. 34
1-48 BROWN Richard Bowen, of Allen and Huldah  April 13, 1797.
1-48   "   Oliver Hall, March 5, 1804.
V. 18,
p. 301
BROWN, Oliver H., son of Allen, at Foster, in 23d year, March 11, 1826 
V. 20,
p. 619
BROWN, Oliver H., son of Allen, at Foster, aged 23 years, March 11, 1826

Rhode Island Births and Christenings, 1600-1914 (online at FamilySearch.org; color added):
Name - - - - Richard Bowen Brown Richard Bowen Brown - -
Gender - - - - Male Male - -
Birth Date - - - - 13 Apr 1797 13 Apr 1797 - -
Birthplace - - - - Foster, Providence, RI Foster, Providence, RI - -
Father's Name - - - - Allen Brown Allen Brown - -
Mother's Name - - - - Mahildah Huldah - -
GS Film # - - - - 941054 22256 - -

1840 U.S. Census Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #3-4 of 32 list was roughly alphabetized; official enumeration began 1 Jun 1840; extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
1840 RI Providence Co. Foster Roll 5050 pp. 2B-3A Ln. 6 Brown Allen 000 000 101 - 000 000 001 0200000
These data indicate:
No. & Sex Age Class Therefore Born Individuals Inferred
1 male 40-49 1790-1800 = ?
1 male 60-69 1770-1780 = Allen 
1 female 60-69 1770-1780 = Mahala (b. 1773)
2 persons employed in agriculture
The male in his 40's can't be Richard; he's married with children and living in New York City.

1850 U.S. Census Every-Name-Index/Images (online at Ancestry.com, Image #116 of 260):  New York City (Ward 16, Dist. 2), New York Co., NY, Roll M432_553, p. 240B, 342/985, enumerated 9 Aug 1850, official enumeration date 1 Jun 1850 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
Richard B Brown 54 M   Agent   Rhode Island
Caroline    " 45 F       Do
Charlotte   " 16 F       New York
Richard B   " 14 M       Do
Mary        " 10 F       Do
Teresa Cornican 17 F       Ireland
Mahalla Brown 77 F       Rhode Island

.  Anne Wright Brown.  1999.  New York Marble Cemetery Interments, 1830-1937, with Additional Biographical Information Gathered from Family Genealogies, Newspapers, and City Directories.  Rhinebeck, NY (online at Ancestry.com):
Name - - Mahala Bowen Brown - -
Vault # - - 8 - -
Burial Date - - 14 Feb 1851 - -
Birth Year - - B 1772 - -

.  Adelos Gorton.  1907.  The Life and Times of Samuel Gorton, the Founders and the Founding of the Republic, a Section of the Early United States Hisory, and a History of the Colony of Providence and Rhode Island Plantations, in the Narraansett Indian Country, of the State of Rhode Island, 1592163616771687, with a Genealogy of Samuel Gorton's Descendants to the Present Time.  G.S. Ferguson Co. Printers, Philadelphia, PA. 966 pp. (online at Ancestry.com; boldface and color added):
p. 211
333. SARAH5 GORTON (William4 John3 John2 Samuel1), born Dec. 31, 1746, died March 10, 1835, married, January 4, 1770, Charles Benjamin Brown, born 1742, probably in Groton [New London Co.], Conn., died December 20, 1816, son of Benjamin and Deborah (Wheeler) Brown, grandson of Nathaniel, Jr., and Mary Brown, great-grandson of Nathaniel and Rhoda Brown...  Nathaniel's wife, Rhoda's, family name may have been Allen.  One of her sons,Allen Brown, married, May 19, 1796, in Coventry, R.I., Mahala6Brown (Elnathan5 Samuel4 Samuel3 John2 Samuel1 Gorton)...
p. 274
855.  MAHALA6 BOWEN (Elnathan5 Samuel4 Samuel3 John2 Sam'l1), born February 16, 1773, married, May 19, 1796, Allen Brown, son of Nathaniel and Rhoda Brown, of Foster, R.I.  She died February 14, 1851; he died January 8, 1860; both in New York City.
  Mahala's maiden name was BOWEN, not BROWN, as shown in her own entry.  And how can our subject (b. ca. 1769) be the granduncle of a man born in 1742?
  If Gorton made errors as big as these, then his credibility is shot.  So... how hard do I work to support his claims for the identities of Benjamin's parents and grandparents?  Is the reason I've so far been unable to document them due to the fact that they don't exist?

.  David Rees Gorton.  Our Family Genealogy Pages (online at www.davidgorton.com/Genealogy/).

.  LDS.  Family Search:  Ancestral File (online at familysearch.org):  a file there gives Allen's parents as Nathaniel & Rhoda BROWN (both born 1739); he is their only child.

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