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Alexander BROWN
NOTICE:  several patrilineal descendants of our subject are participating in the BROWN Y-DNA Study where they are members of Group 64.  They are also members of the Haplogroup R-U198 Project, in which they are grouped with "Superfamily A," along with several other families, including a ROSE family.  The Group 64 BROWNs have also been included in the Group K1 ROSEs of the Rose Family Association ROSE DNA Project.  I do not believe the Group 64 BROWNs belong in the Group K1 ROSEs, and I give my reasons on this results page and on this STR cladogram.
Husband:  Alexander BROWN
Birth:  ca. 1740 (no later than 1750)
Death:  1791, Browns Mill, Luzerne Co., PA
Y-DNA Haplogroup:  R-1b1b-2a1a-1, a.k.a., R-U198
Wife:  Mary TYLER
A source at WorldConnect shows the children born in Mercer Co., PA, but Mercer Co. was not formed until 1800; also, Mercer Co. is on the western edge of Pennsylvania.  Lancaster Co. is in southeastern PA and Luzerne Co. is in northeastern PA.  An eastward migration from Mercer to Lancaster or Luzerne Co. would be very unusual.

1.  William BROWN I, b. 1770
2.  Sarah BROWN, b. Feb 1780; m. Gideon UNDERWOOD
3.  Jane BROWN, b. 1782; m. Jesse LEE
4.  Alexander BROWN, Jr., b. 1784
5.  George BROWN, b. 1785
6.  John BROWN, b. 1787
0.  William BROWN, b. 1789
7.  James BROWN, b. 12 Sep 1791, Lancaster Co., PA; d. 29 Jun 1861, Eatonville, Wyoming Co., PA; m1. Martha Amelia RYDER (1796-1837); m2. Mary __?__ (1800-1850); m3. Susannah INGHAM

The source at WorldConnect supplying dates for the children gives William I a birthyear of 1789.  This date is impossible because William II, son of William I, was born 1795-97.  So, how far off are the other birthyears?

Keywords for search engines:  genealogy; USA, US, United States, Pennsylvania

Sources (n.b., Cumberland Co. was formed in 1750 from Lancaster Co. and unincorporated territory; Luzerne Co. was formed in 1786 from Northumberland Co.):

1.  Marriage Record:

2.  Census Index:  Colonial America, 1607-1789 (Broderbund CD-310):  Alexander not found.

3.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1790 (Broderbund CD-311):  there is no Alexander BROWN in Lancaster Co. (or Mercer Co.), but there are Alexander BROWNs in Bedford, Chester, and Mifflin Cos.; there's an Alixander in Bedford Co.; and an Allexander in Franklin Co.  In Luzerne Co., PA, there is a Benjamin, David, Enos, Ezekiel, James, James Jr., James F., Joseph, Nathan, Obadiah, Samuel I, Samuel II, Thomas, and Walter.  In Cumberland Co., PA, there is an Adam, Andrew, Benjamin, Daniel, George, Hannah, Henry, Jaems (sic), 3 James's, 3 John's, Joseph, Josiah, Roger, 3 Thomas's, and William.

4.  Henry Blackman Plumb.  1885.  History of Hanover Township and Wyoming Valley, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.  Robert Baur, Printer and Stationer, Willkes-Barre, PA (online at GoogleBooks):
p. 395

ALEXANDER BROWN1 was born in Lancaster County, Pa.; emigrated to Kingston, Luzerne County, with his family; married Mary Tyler.  They had:—

Alexander Brown,—went away.
John Brown,—went away.
George Brown,—went away.
James Brown,—went to Wayne County, Pa.
William Brown, ________________ m. Sarah Lewis.
Sarah Brown,   m. Gideon Underwood.
Jane Brown,   m. Jesse Lee.
p. 396 WILLIAM BROWN2 (Alexander1) was born in Lancaster County; lived in Kingston, Pa.; married Sarah Lewis; died young, in Kingston.  They had:—
William Brown, b. 1797, d. 1880, _____ m. 1st, Amanda Dilley
2d, Julia Mosier.
WILLIAM BROWN3 (William,2 Alexander1) was born in Kingston, Luzerne County, Pa., in 1797; lived in Hanover and Newport; married Amanda Dilley first, and second Julia Mosier.  They had:—
1st, Stephen Brown, _____ m Mary Wooley.
" Alma Brown,   m. 1st, Samuel Michael
  2d, Abram Walton.
2d, Sarah Brown,   m. Anson Dunn.
" Anderson Brown,   m. Melinda Coolbaugh.
" Hendrick W. Brown,   m. Sarah McCrary.
" George A. Brown,   m.  
" Lewis C. Brown,   m. Etta Luce.
STEPHEN BROWN4 (William,3 William,2Alexander1) was born in Hanover about 1827; married Mary Wooley; lives in Hanover.  They had:—
Emma Brown, ___________ m. George Shafer
Mary Brown,   m. Charles Butzbaugh.
Amanda Brown,   m.  
Annie Brown,      
Jane Brown,      
Charles Brown,      
ANDERSON BROWN4 (William,3 William,2Alexander1) was born in Newport; lives in Wilkes-Barre; married Melinda Coolbaugh.  They had:—
Minne Brown.
Eliza Brown.
Bertha Brown.
Harvey Brown.
Frank Brown.
p. 397 HENDRICK W. BROWN4 (William,3William,2Alexander1) was born in Newport; livs in Hanover; married Sarah McCray.  They had:—
Franklin Brown.
Laura Brown.
Lewis Brown.
Susan Brown.
LEWIS C. BROWN4 (William,3 William,2Alexander1) was born in Newport; lives in Wisconsin; married Etta Luce.  They had:—
George Brown.

5.  Archive of the BROWN Mailing List (online at RootsWeb.com).

6.  WorldConnect / Ancestry World Trees (online at RootsWeb.com/Ancestry.com).

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