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Senator Richard BRODHEAD
Husband:  Richard10 BRODHEAD II
Birth:  5 Jan 1811, Lehman Twp., Pike Co., PA
Death:  16 Sep 1863, Easton, Northampton Co., PA
Father:  Richard9 BRODHEAD I (1771-1843) Garret8, Daniel7, Richard6, Daniel5, Daniel4, Robert3, William2, Robert1
Mother:  Hannah DRAKE  (1769-1832)
Marriage:  3 Apr 1849, Warren Co., MS
Wife:  Mary Jane BRADFORD
Birth:  1825/6, MS
Death:  1877
Other Spouse:  m2. 1872, Robert SAYRE
Other Children:  none
Father:  David BRADFORD
Mother:  Amanda Jane DAVIS
1.  Richard11 BRODHEAD III, b. 1850, PA; d. 1908
2.  Joseph Davis11 BRODHEAD, b. 12 Jan 1859, Easton, Northampton Co., PA
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Spouse: Mary Jane BRADFORD
Marriage: 3 Apr 1849, Warren, Mississippi
Source: Marriage Records, licenses, 1810-1928. Warren County (Mississippi). Circuit Clerk.

2.  1850 Census Index/Microfilm (online at GenealogyLibrary.com):  Bushkill Ward, Borough of Easton, Northampton Co., PA, p. 182A, 551/613, enumerated 26 Dec 1850 (extracted by Diana Gale Matthiesen):
Richard Brodhead 39 M Lawyer 2000 Penna
Mary       " 24 F     Mississippi
Richard    " 7/12 M     Penna
Ella Middaugh 16 F       "
Eliza Frankenfield 23 F       "
Margaret 25 F       "
Presumably, Ella, Eliza, and Margaret are live-in servants.

3.  Census Index:  U.S. Selected Counties, 1860 (Broderbund CD-318):
1860 Broadhead, Richard PA Northampton Co. Easton Twp. p. 255

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9.  Anon.  1950.  Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 1774-1949.  United States Government Printing Office, Washington, DC (online at Ancestry.com).
p. 893 BRODHEAD, Richard (father of Joseph Davis Brodhead), a Representative and a Senator from Pennsylvania; born in Lehman Township, Pike County, Pa., January 5, 1811; moved to Easton in 1830; studied law; was admitted to the bar in 1836 and commenced practice in Easton; member of the State house of representatives 1837-1839; appointed treasurer of Northampton County in 1841; elected as a Democrat to the Twenty-eighth, Twenty-ninth, and Thirtieth Congresses (March 4, 1843-March 3, 1849); was not a candidate for renomination in 1848; elected to the United States Senate and served from March 4, 1851, to March 3, 1857; died in Easton, Pa., September 16, 1863; interment in Easton Cemetery.

10.  Rossiter Johnson, ed.  1904.  Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans.  10 vols.  Biographical Society, Boston, MA (online at Ancestry.com):
v. I
p. 418
BRODHEAD, Richard, senator, was born in Lehman township, Pike county, Pa., Jan. 5, 1811.  He was a student at Lafayette college, and was admitted to practise at the bar in 1836.  The year following he took his seat in the state legislature. He acted as treasurer of Northampton county in 1841, and in 1842 was elected a representative to Congress, serving by re-election from 1843 to 1849. In 1849 he was elected to the United States senate as a Democrat, serving through the 32d, 33d and 34th congresses as a senator.  He died in Easton, Pa., Sept. 16, 1863...
v. VI
p. 434
LINDERMAN, Henry Richard, director of the U.S. mints, was born in Lehman township, Pike county, Pa., Dec. 25, 1825; son of Dr. John Jordan and Rachel (Brodhead) Linderman; and grandson of Henry Linderman of Orange county, N.Y., and of Richard Brodhead of Pike county, Pa.  His first ancestors in America were Jacob von Linderman, who settled near Kingston, Ulster county, N.Y., in 1710, and Capt. Daniel Brodhead of the King's Grenadiers, who commanded a company in Colonel Nichols' expedition to New Amsterdam in 1664 and settled at Esopus, N.Y.  He was a great grandnephew of Brev. Brig.-Gen. Daniel Brodhead, colonel of the 8th Pennsylvania, and of Capt. Luke Brodhead of the 6th Pennsylvania, and a great grandson of Moses Shaw of the 5th New York regiment, all of the Continental line; a great grandson of Garrett Brodhead of the New Jersey state troops
v. VI
p. 435
and of Capt. Samuel Drake of the Pennsylvania militia, in active service during the Revolution.  He was also a nephew of U.S. Senator Richard Brodhead, who was his mother's brother... [goes on quite a bit more about Henry]

11.  Thomas William Herringshaw.  1902.  Herringshaw's Encyclopedia of American Biography of the Nineteenth Century.  American Publ. Assn., Chicago, IL (online at Ancestry.com):
p. 151 BRODHEAD, RICHARD, congressman, United States senator, was born in 1811 in Pike county, Pa. He was a representative in congress from 1843 to 1849; and a senator of the United States senate from Pennsylvania from 1851 to 1857. He died Sept. 16, 1863, in Easton, Pa.

12.  William E. Connelley.  1918.  A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans.  Lewis Publ. Co., Chicago (online at Ancestry.com):
v. 3
p. 1317
The bar of Northampton County shared this preeminence, and for more than a century it has maintained its prestige in the front rank of the profession in the commonwealth.  Its roll contains the names of many distinguished and able lawyers who have also been in high official station.  It is not my province in this paper to catalogue them but it will suffice to mention Samuel Sitgreaves, Judge Hopewell Hepburn, Judge Joel Jones, George Wolf, governor of Pennsylvania, James M. Porter, twice president judge and secretary of war in President Tyler's cabinet; Richard Brodhead, a member of Congress and senator of the United States; Peter Ihrie, Henry D. Maxwell, Sr., Henry Green, chief justice of Pennsylvania, Judge Kirkpatrick, attorney general of Pennsylvania; Howard J. Reeder, judge of the Superior Court of Pennsylvania and General Frank Reeder, secretary of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania...
v. 3
p. 1318
In the year 1854, Franklin Pierce was President of the United States. His secretary of war was Jefferson Davis and he was a most influential member of the administration.  Asa Packer was then a member of Congress from this district, and Hon. Richard Brodhead was United States senator from Pennsylvania.  When the question of the appointment of a territorial governor for Kansas was being considered, Judge Packer suggested the appointment of Governor Reeder. 

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Brodhead, Richard 1811-1863

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