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Reading BLOUNT, Sr.
Husband:  Reading BLOUNT, Sr.
Birth:  ca. 1740s
Death:  ca. 1792/3, presumably in Bourbon Co., KY
Military Service:  1782-88, Capt. Hinckle's Militia Company, Rockingham Co., VA 

Some secondary sources equate our subject with Reading BLOUNT II, son of Reading BLOUNT I, son of Thomas BLOUNT & Anne READING, but that Reading BLOUNT (Jr.) married a woman named Martha and is not our subject.  Our subject's parents remain unknown (see sources below). 

Wife:  Abigail "Abbie/Abby/Aby" AMBROSE
Birth:  ca. 1740s
Death:  ca. 1795/6, presumably in Bourbon Co., KY
1.  Sarah "Sally" BLOUNT, b. ca. 1768; d. ca. 1792; m. Adam KESSNER / KERSNER
2.  Cyrus N. BLOUNT, b. ca. 1770 
3.  Andrew BLOUNT, b. ca. 1772 
4.  Reading BLOUNT, Jr., b. ca. 1774 
5.  Ambrose BLOUNT, b. ca. 1776; d. ca. 1784
6.  Jemima BLOUNT, b. ca. 1779 
7.  Rebecca BLOUNT, b. 1 Jan 1782
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Year Location Event
    birth of Reading BLOUNT
    birth of Abigail AMBROSE
    marriage of Reading BLOUNT & Abigail AMBROSE
c1768   birth of daughter, Sarah
c1770 PA? birth of son, Cyrus
c1772 PA? birth of son, Andrew
1773 PA: Bedford Co.: Tyrone Twp. Reading BLOUNT said to be resident
c1774 VA? birth of son, Reading
c1776   birth of son, Ambrose
c1779   birth of daughter, Jemima
1782 VA birth of daughter, Rebecca
1782-88 VA: Rockingham Co. Reading BLOUNT said to be resident
1785 VA [now KY]: Bourbon Co. was formed from Fayette Co.
1789-90 VA: Pendleton Co. Reading BLOUNT said to be resident
1790 Census the 1790 VA census was lost 
1790-91 VA: Pendleton Co. Reading BLOUNT said to be resident
1792 State of Kentucky formed from Virginia
1792 Tax List KY: Bourbon Co. Reading BLOUNT, taxpayer
1792/3   death of Reading BLOUNT
1795 Tax List KY: Bourbon Co. Abigail BLOUNT, taxpayer
1795/6   death of Abigail (AMBROSE) BLOUNT


1.  Anon.  1991.  The 1795 Census of Kentucky [as constructed from tax lists].  T.L.C. Genealogy, Miami Beach, FL.
1795 Tax List Blunt, Abigail KY Bourbon Co.

2a.  Messages in the Blount Family Genealogy Forum (online at GenForum.com):  a series a messages with a very informative discussion of our subject and the problem of his parentage, including an excerpt from the next source, partially quoted below.

2b.  Robert Frederick Pfafman.  1983.  Ancestry and Progeny of Captain James Blount, Immigrant.  Self-published [R.F. Pfafman, 3195 E. Dorchester Dr., Palm Harbor, FL 33563]:
... Actual documentation has not yet been located to indicate the parentage of Reading Blount who married Abigail Ambrose...

Reading (Redding) Blunt and Abigail Ambrose were in Tyrone Twp., Bedford Co., PA 1773 and in that part of Rockingham Co., VA, that was formed into Pendleton Co., 1782-1788 and in Pendleton Co., VA 1789-1791.  The family lived near Circleville on the North Fork of the South Branch of the Potomac River.  According to the original tax records in Richmond, VA, Reading Blunt was a member of Capt. Isaac Hinckle's Militia Company in Rockingham Co., VA, from 1782 through 1788.  Since militia service is credited as Revolutionary service Reading Blunt served in the American Revolutionary War 6/10/1782 - 9/3/1783.  The 1788 militia record lists "Reden" Blunt as having sons "Siras" and Andrew over 16 years of age.  After 3/16/1791, Reading Blunt and his family joined his eldest son, Cyrus, and his family near Paris, Bourbon Co., KY, where Cyrus had moved the previous year.  Reading Blunt was taxed in Bourbon Co., KY, 12/18/1792; and his widow, Abigail, was last taxed there 8/8/1795.

5-0.  Reading (Redding, Reden) Blount (Blunt) b. prob. Beaufort Co., NC, during 1740's d. Bourbon Co., KY, 1792-1793 m. ca. 1767 Abigail (Aby) Ambrose, and 7 ch.

6-1.  Sally Blount b. ca. 1768 m. Adam Kessner (Kersner, Kenser) who was taxed in Pendleton Co., VA, 4/18/1801.
6-2.  Cyrus Blount b. ca. 1770 d. Ross Co., OH, fall 1802 m. prob. Pendleton Co., VA, ca. 1789 Elizabeth Carpenter b. VA, ca. 1770 d. Highland Co., OH, 8/15/1849, and 7 ch...
6-3.  Andrew Blount b. ca. 1772 d. Nicholas Co., KY, 1827 m. ca. 1794 Elizabeth ____ b. VA 1775 d. Nicholas Co., KY, after 1830 and bef. 1839, and 6 ch.
6-4.  Reading Blount b. VA ca. 1774 d. Fairfield Co., OH, east of Scioto River ca. 1808 m. Bourbon Co., KY, 1/8/1800 Athatiar (Atha) Roberts who was living in Nicholas Co., KY, 1827, and 6 ch.

3.  WorldConnect (online at RootsWeb.com).

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