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Given Name Equivalents in French-Dutch-English
as used in translating the French names in Burton (1936, 1937).
In the 1930s, Paul Gibson Burton wrote a series of six papers on the genealogy of Cornelis MELYN [MELIJN] that are the major reference for genealogists researching the MELYN surname in America.  These papers were published in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record under the titles:  "The Antwerp Ancestry of Cornelis Melyn" (1936, 67: 157-164, 67: 246-255) and "Cornelis Melyn, Patroon of Staten Island and Some of His Descendants" (1937, 68: 3-17, 68: 132-146, 68: 217-231, 68: 357-365).

The European researcher hired years earlier to extract data from Dutch records in Antwerp reported those results in French, including the use of French orthography for the given names of individuals.  Burton left the names in French orthography when he published his papers, which has had the result that pretty much all American researchers studying the genealogy of Cornelis MELYN, progenitor of this surname in the United States, refer to his ancestors by French versions of their names names these Dutch ancestors would not themselves have used.

The problem could have been avoided, of course, had the researcher not broken a cardinal rule of data-gathering, which is to always transcribe data verbatim.

Until such time as a MELYN researcher can go to Antwerp and retake these data properly, we are left with two unattractive alternatives:  to continue calling these ancestors by French names they never had or used and which are misleading as to their ethnicity or to translate these names back into Dutch, with all the obvious pitfalls that entails.  Of the two alternatives, I prefer the latter.  It can be no less accurate than the former, and may very well be largely correct.  At the very least, it will solve the problem of misleading ethnicity.

Because I do not speak either Dutch or French, for me to compile an "equivalency table" for translating these names is a hazardous undertaking.   The table below is definitely a work in progress.  I welcome input from speakers of these languages any assistance will be duly credited and I especially welcome corrections of errors.  I realize that in many cases there are more than just the one equivalent given here, but in each case I am trying to use the single most similar of the various possibilities, in the hopes that it is the closest to the name translated from the Dutch in the first place.  In those cases where the French researcher  appears to have supplied a Dutch diminutive, I would appreciate knowing the non-diminutive Dutch name it represents.  I've highlighted the cells where information is lacking or most questionable.

Dutch and German speakers, especially educated ones, often used Latin versions of their names.  An obvious example below is "Marcus."  If there are any truly Dutch equivalents of these names, I would appreciate knowing them.

My point in going to all this trouble is that I am building family group sheets of these ancestors, which are being linked to a Cornelis MELYN Home Page, and I did not want to perpetuate the erroneous use of French names for these Dutch ancestors. 

There were a number of names in Burton (mostly witnesses to baptisms), which appeared to be Spanish (viz., Antonio Fernando de Castilio, Alonso de Piralta, and Gaspar de Povellodo).  I left these unchanged on the family group sheets, along with a few French given names that also had French-appearing surnames.

Abraham Abraham, Bram Abraham  
Adrien Adriaen, Ariaan Adrian  
Adrienne Adriance Adriana  
Alphonse ? ?  
Andre Andries Andrew  
? Antje Ann  
Anne Anna, Tanna Anna  
Antoine Teunis, Tonnes, Toon Anthony Antonis
Antoninette Toontje ?  
Arnold Anrout Arnold  
Baltasar Balthazar Balthazar  
Barbe Barbara Barbara  
Betteken Appears to be a Dutch diminutive.
? Casper Jasper  
Catherine Catharina/Katrina Catherine  
Chretien Christiaan Christian  
Claire Klaar Clare  
Conrad Coenraadt Conrad  
Corneille Cornelis Cornelius  
Cornelie Cornelia Cornelia  
Crepin Crispijn? Crispin?  
Daniel Daniel Daniel  
Digne ? ?  
Digo ? ?  
Dymphne This is a Gaelic name!
Edmond Edmond Edmund  
Elia ? ?  
Eligia ? ?  
Elisabeth Elisabeth Elizabeth  
Emerentienne ? ?  
Etienne Stephan Stephen/Steven  
Eustache Staats Eustace  
Everart Evert Everard  
Francois Frans Francis  
Francoise Fransje Frances  
Gerard Geert Gerard  
Gertrude Geertruyd(a) Gertrude  
? Gretchen
(dim. of Margaret)
(dim. of Margaret)
Gilles Jillis Giles  
Guillaume Willem William  
Guilleaume Willem? William?  
Helene Heleen Helen  
Henri Hendrick/Henrike/Heike Henry  
? Henrike/Heiko Henrietta  
Hester Hester Hester  
Helyken Appears to be a Dutch diminutive (of Heleen?).
Hubert Huybert Hubert  
Isabelle Bell, Bella Isabelle  
Isaac Yzaak Isaac  
Jacquemine Jacomina  Jemima  
Jacques Hans? Jack?  
? Jana Jane  
Jean Jan / Hans John  
Jeanne Johanne Joan  
? Jeroen Jerome  
Joachim Jochem Joachim  
Josine/Jossine Josina, Josyntje Josine  
Josse ? ?  
? Kees, Keesje
(dim. of Cornelis)
Lambert Lambrecht Lambert  
Lasare ? ?  
Leonore Leonora Lenore  
Louis Lodewijk Lewis  
Louise ? ?  
Lucie Lucie Lucy  
Lucrece Lucretie Lucretia  
Mansia ? ?  
Marc - Mark Marcus
Marguerite Margaretha Margaret  
Marie Maria Mary  
? Mariken / Marijke
(dim. of Maria)
Martin Maarten Martin  
Martine Maartje? Martina  
Mathieu Matthys Matthew  
Michael/Michel Michiel Michael  
Naenken Appears to be a Dutch diminutive.
Nelken Appears to be a Dutch diminutive.
Nicolas Nikolaas/Klaas Nicholas/Nick  
Osten ? ?  
Paul Powles Paul  
Perynken -- Appears to be a Dutch diminutive.
Petronille Petronella  Petronella  
Pierre Pieter Peter  
Pierrine ? ?  
Quirin Kyrn Quirine  
Robert Robbert Robert  
Roland Roeland Roland  
Sara Sara Sarah  
Silvestre ? Sylvester  
Sophie Sophie Sophie  
Sosynken Appears to be a Dutch diminutive.
Susanne Sanna Susannah  
Synken Appears to be a Dutch diminutive.
Theodora Dierdra? Theodora  
Theodore Dierderick Theodore/Theodorick  
? Dierk
(dim. of Dierderick)
Thomas Thomas Thomas  
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